Supporting students and educators in the Goffstown school district.

Welcome to the Goffstown Education Association’s website! We have created this site as a way for you, our members, to have quick, easy access to information regarding the association. This website will cover topics in a variety of areas including the news, the contract, and important information members need to know.  Please check into the site on a regular basis so you will be informed of the most up to date information available.


  • ATTENTION 04/12/2022: The application form for the 2022 GEA Scholarship is posted on the Scholarship page. The E-mail deadline is May 2, 2022. Please contact Darcie.Crete@sau19.org with questions.
  • ATTENTION 03/09/2022: All GEA Members – We are happy to report that the proposed GEA Contract for 2022-2026 passed at Town Voting Day this week. The Tentative Agreement is posted on the Contract page.  This document is for your information only and is not 100% finalized.

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