Member Information

This page has been created to allow our members access to information that relates to the important updates from the Executive Board and monthly meeting minutes. The drop down menu also includes access to the Goffstown school board website, Frequently asked questions, sick bank and member forms, a GEA events calendar, the master agreement (s) and GEA meeting minutes.

March, 2020: Below is a link to the Prep Committee’s Recommendation letter that was sent to Superintendent Balke in February and shared with the school board in March. Since this is a negotiated item, these are only recommendations at this time. The Association will once again attempt to add language to the next contract that guarantees every teacher in the district covered under the agreement gets a prep each day.

prep committee response memo

Memorandum Of Understanding during Remote Learning

On March 30, 2020 the Association signed a Memorandum of understanding with the Goffstown school district to establish an agreement regarding the use of technology by the district staff during the period of remote learning. A copy of the agreement can be seen by clicking on the link . MOU final Copy copy